Matric. Girls Hr. Sec. School

Thuraiyur, Trichy.

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Middle (VI-VIII)

Emphasis is given to develop basic concepts in subject areas.Well designed lesson plans, help the Teacher and the student to focus every other aspect of the subject.

Sowdambikaa addresses the development of personal and social skills such as confidence, problem solving and critical thinking.

Plenty of practice through various ways caters to the needs of the learners in the class at different levels. Feedback by the teacher provides the students with a clear understanding of what they did well, where they are at, and how they can improve.

sowdambikaa has gained popularity in holding high, its reputation for an exclusive curriculum framework at all levels of learning. The components of the curriculum frame work is designed for

  • The construction of knowledge
  • The development of skills
  • Inculcating values and attitudes
  • Imbibe Leadership qualities.

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